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What We Do

We provide FREE events and outdoor experiences across the U.S. ranging from kayaking, fishing, boating, gold panning, horseback riding, rock crawling, trail riding, motorcycle riding, rock climbing, sport shooting, wilderness survival, mushroom hunting, wildlife conservation, hunting, and anything else that is outdoor related. We are very active in supporting members of the community with a helping hand.

Our Story

Changed By Nature is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides free outdoor opportunities to wounded warriors, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, disabled, handicapped, and our youth generation to get outdoors and do anything from gold panning to hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, 4x4ing, and much more.

We believe that the more of us holding hands helping out, the easier it will be for everyone. If we join enough hands with other organizations we believe we can stop approximately 22 veterans per day from taking their own lives.

We are a newer organization, but are very proud of our track record. We have already saved a number of veterans from hurting themselves and from freezing to death, but we can't do this without you!

We would like to give a huge thanks to all the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday past and present--and the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Meet the Team


Justin Youngman


I grew up loving spending time in the great outdoors and knew it’s where I belonged helping others experience everything it offers.


Doreen Holtje


I am happy to support Changed by Nature Outdoors and help the organization facilitate life-changing experiences for youth and veterans through exposure to outdoor and natural environments.


Alice Warren


I grew up in Northern Arizona hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors. My favorite things to do is be outside with my family.


Tracey Burraston, M.A.

Tracey has a Masters degree in Psychology, specialization Military Psychology from Adler University. She specializes in alternative treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress and Moral Injury, including Outdoor Therapy, Equine Therapy, Yoga, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Originally from England, she currently lives in Arizona where she spends much of her time hiking, camping, kayaking, and horse riding. She is currently perusing a PhD in Psychology.

Currently Searching For An IT Person

Director of IT Services


Want to help or join?

We are always looking for support from donors, sponsors, and people like you. Please help by contacting us.